All Services

We have everything you need to have a beautiful waterfeature built from start to finish. Expertise, experience, and everything in between.We create one of a kind works of art that will last years to come. In addition we also have all the supplies you need to maintain or rebuild your waterfeature. 

Design and Installation of Waterfeatures

Our pond designer, has a true gift and talent for designing waterfeatures. With 14 years of experience we know exactly what to do and how to do it well. You'll be left with an outstanding waterfeature that you will enjoy.

Pond Maintenance

We service all types of ponds from small ones to large acre ones and will maintain them throughout the year. We leave them crystal clear and free of debris for you to enjoy without the up keep. Feel free to contact us today about our maintenance programs. 

Pond Plants

We carry all the pond plants for your pond. Everything from oxygenating plants to floating plants we have what you need to make your waterfeature flourishing and beautiful. 

Pond Lighting

Enjoy the beauty and tranquilty of your waterfeature at night with strategically placed lights in different areas of your waterfall or pond,We know just the right places to accent to make your waterfeature a show piece, not only during the day, but at night also. 

Pond Rebuilds and
Fountain Repairs

If you have a pond that is leaking, falling apart, or that you just don't like we will rebuild it for you. We also repair fountains. With our years of experience we will fix and redesign your waterfeature so it's built to last and appealing to all who see it. 

Pond Clean Outs

If you are not interested in a full maintenance service we also  offer one time pond clean outs. We will come in and clean out your pond, no matter the size, of muck, debris, and algae leaving it crystal clear and beautiful. 

Koi & Koi Health

Our foreman has taken many classes in Koi Health though UGA and through Dr. Erik Johnson, the leading expert and author of Koi Health. We have also done many koi seminars throughout America and has written articles on Koi health. If you are looking to purchase koi for your pond we can help you. 

Pond Supplies

We carry all the pond supplies you need to build and maintain your waterfeature. We are certified installer of Pondbuilder pond supplies. They carry a extremely high quality equipment and components that are built to withstand the elements and be the same 20 years down the road as they are today.